International tax law

International tax law

For many taxpayers, their income is not only subject to Dutch tax law, but is first subject to a Tax Treaty or an EU directive and/or additional (European) case law. TEKZ Belastingadviseurs can assist you with this.

Our Services include:

  • Establishing an international holding structure:
    Using the right international holding structure means, for example, that you can optimise your effective tax burden (with as little withholding tax as possible).

  • Refund of foreign withholding tax and EU turnover tax: 
    We can reclaim excess non-refundable withholding tax (dividends, royalties and interest), as well as reclaim foreign VAT withheld within the EU.

  • Handling FATCA (W8) and CRS forms: 
    In international business, an increasing number of individuals and companies are confronted with these forms. We would be happy to explain why and take care of this burden for you, so that you do not pay, for example, 30% withholding tax in the USA, but 15%, or no withholding tax at all.

  • Preparation and supervision of APAs and ATRs: 
    If you wish, we can help you apply for an Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) or an Advance Tax Ruling (ATR) to align your tax position with the Dutch tax authorities in the Netherlands in advance.

  • Application of the 30% facility: 
    Employees coming to work in the Netherlands may be eligible for the 30% facility, in which case we can arrange this for you.

  • Choice of legal form (permanent establishment or company limited by shares):
    Depending on the tax treaty and national tax law, we can advise you on how to establish your business in the Netherlands or abroad.

  • Tax (r)emigration of both companies and private individuals: 
    Avoid being confronted with tax assessments (exit tax) and double taxation later and get advice on tax (r)emigration in advance.

  • International social insurance law: 
    The avoidance of double taxation for employees does not automatically mean the avoidance of paying double social security contributions. Please get information about this in good time.

  • Take stock of transfer pricing issues: International affiliates should deal with each other as if they were independent third parties, based on international legislation. We can assist you in complying with that international legislation.

  • Application of tax treaties: 
    In many cases, a tax treaty attributes income to country A or country B. The correct application of a tax treaty may work differently in each situation. We are the right partner for you.

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