Business succession schemes

Business succession schemes

A business transfer may occur both within and outside the family sphere. It is important to realise that various tax facilities are available to minimise possible tax claims. TEKZ Belastingadviseurs knows about these facilities and will, if necessary, use them in your specific situation.

Here our services include:

  • Applying fiscal business succession facilities (BSF):
    Specific tax facilities for business succession are available in respect of gift tax, inheritance tax and personal income tax, which, when correctly applied, can ensure that a business transfer can be realised smoothly (without settlement).
  • ‘Next generation’ planning:
    the question of when the younger generation will take over from the current owner is frequently asked in family businesses. We can assist your family here by answering all relevant questions and setting up the right tax structure to successfully streamline the succession. This is often done while providing advice on estate planning.

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