Wills and testaments

Wills and testaments

Upon your death, all your assets and debts, i.e. your estate, will be divided among your heirs. In a will and testament, you name your heirs and the share in the estate that they will receive. If you do not have a will and testament, the law of succession will determine who inherits from you.

A will and testament lets you set out who your heirs are and who will get what from your estate. For example, you can protect the position of your partner or children. Or leave part of your assets to charity.

In cooperation with a civil-law notary, we can advise you on your options and on which will and testament would best suit your specific situation. A will and testament remains valid unless you revoke it. You can revoke or amend your will and testament at any time at the civil-law notaries. This may be wise if your situation (private and/or business) changes.

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